Baby Jogger City Elite Stroller- Review

Sam and I started shopping for a Stroller before i even had the slightest baby bump. I think we spent about 4 days combing the internet and at least 4 trips to the store pushing each one around the isles (looking like crazy people).

The first one we had heard so much about was of course  the UppaBaby Vista. I loved the look of the stroller and because we had gone for the Uppababy car seat (highly recommend the “Jake” car seat), this was definitely a viable option we investigated.


Here’s what I didn’t like:

4 wheels – the 4 wheels made it harder to navigate around the store. I kept bumping into things and it just wasn’t smooth.

Flimsy? – It felt flimsy (especially for the almost 900 dollar price tag. You could shake it back and forth and it was almost too light. This could probably go either way as I’m sure other people love how light it is and feel it is great for travel. I equate lightness to “easy to break”.

Extras – I felt like it came with extras that I didn’t really need. The pram was cute but I probably would never use it.

You could also buy an extra seat and the option for another child to stand on the back! It all felt overwhelming like if we bought a Vista we were setting our fate for 3 kids under 5 int he years to come. 

Also, have you ever tried to push 3 kids on a stroller? The weight and the design (4 wheels) makes it even harder to push, we wouldn’t be traveling very far.

It folds up small and stands on its own but it doesn’t fold easily. It takes some practice…and a little shaking.

Price Tag – I just couldn’t.

The other brand I was drawn to was the Baby Jogger. They have a few different models that you can buy. Basically the Baby Jogger city select is comparable to the Uppababy Vista and pretty much all levels. I still didn’t like the feel of 4 wheels so when I finally tried out the Baby Jogger city elite I was hooked.


Just the ease of pushing the stroller and how it glided effortlessly through the store was something I couldn’t give up after trying.

Differences from Uppa Baby:


-It has a smaller basket than the Uppa Baby

-No option to add the second seat

-A little heavier to carry


-It has a hand break and the option to “fix” the front wheel from turning so you can technically use it as a jogging stroller.

-one hand fold. You just pull a cord in the middle of the seat and it folds up instantly.

– 1 front wheel and 2 large shock absorbing back wheels.

– option to connect the Uppa Baby car seat to the stroller

– Heavier, larger wheels make it feel more secure, it doesn’t shake on uneven ground and feels solid not flimsy.

– Price tag is half of the UppaBaby

We decided to go with the Baby Jogger because I am a runner and could see myself getting back into running with this stroller, because we don’t know what our family will look like in a few years and investing in the Uppa Baby felt over the top, and because I like investing in pieces that feel solid and secure (even if that is all in my head).

DIY Farmhouse Crib


Since we found out we are pregnant, Sam and I have been searching for the perfect crib. We have been to no less than 15 stores (no joke) and exhausted the internet. Basically, I’ve come to the realization that we are very very picky. Unfortunately, Cribs have progressed in style but have diminished in quality. Nothing is even made out of real wood anymore!

We loved a few from The Land of Nod and Restoration Hardware but their price tags were a little hard to swallow.

Sam sent me an email one day at work posing a question…”what if we make it?” with a link to DIYstinctly Made. This couple has a pretty cool blog detailing DIY projects they do around their home. Its a very cool blog and you should definitely check it out if you are looking for some DIY projects to fill your time.

We originally wanted to use Oak but soon realized that all that wood in Oak would be over 600 dollars putting us into the “holy moly we can’t spend that much on a crib” level. We decided on pine because it was the most cost effective without sacrificing strength. It also made our basement smell like Christmas for a few weeks!

We followed their blog post on DIYstinctly Made pretty closely except for a few variations that helped us finish the project:

1. The decorative pieces on the side of the crib are kind of skipped over in the original post. She just says to “cut to fit”. This turned out to be our most challenging part of the whole crib! I would highly recommend using a saw that cuts at a 45 degree angle. Sam and I only owned a a straight cut table saw and a hand saw. We ended up having to cut 45 angles with a hand saw. Needless to say, we had a few mistakes and some hand sanding before the pieces fit together nicely. If we did it over again, I would rent a saw from a local hardware store. This would also help when we had to rip 2 pieces of wood. She kind of skips quickly over that part in the blog post but if you don’t have the right equipment to rip a piece of wood (cut the wood longways to make it thinner) you could end up with the crooked pieces that are useless ( I know this from experience).

2. Do not make the mattress support before you have assembled the 4 sides of the crib. Wood warps and not all pieces are the same length even when you cut them to the exact same length. First we had a problem with the 4 sides fitting together. Sam had to sand down one of the edges to make them fit together. It turns out that one of the sides had warped slightly leaving about half and inch of space that pushed the crib off balance when trying to fit the 4 sides together. The second problem was the mattress support then didn’t fit correctly so we had to re-make it. It would have been easier to put the 4 sides together and then create the support from the actual measurements of the crib we physically made.

3. If you like the color of the crib in the DIYstinctly made photos you must buy the exact stain and brand name that they bought. We went to the store and bought Varathane Gel Stain in Early American thinking it would be the same thing as Varathane Stain and Polish in early American.

 stain vs. stain and polish

The Gel polish gave the crib a red tint that we hated. After we did one coat of the gel stain, we were looking at their photos and thinking “what did we do wrong?!?” Who knew that a Stain + Poly would change the color so much. We wen back to the store and bought the exact stain they used and put 2 new coats on the crib. Luckily, the red was covered and we ended up with a color very similar to theirs with a warm tint.

Here are the pictures as we progressed:










Happy Monday!

6 Months

In honor of reaching the cute baby bump stage (6 months) of our pregnancy, I’m sharing some fun facts about the journey this far.


How I found out I was pregnant: Sam and I always planned on starting a  family early but early to us meant to start trying after about a year of marriage. God had very different plans for us and our family! I was at work when I decided to that a pregnancy test (on a whim) because I felt “different”. The line was so faint that I almost didn’t believe it was real. I rushed out and bought a few more before calling Sam. I think we both were in a state of shock, excited but…bewildered to say the least.

Best part of the first trimester: Telling family. We told our family at about 7 weeks and then started telling friends around 3 months. This is the first grandchild of both families and they are SO excited. This is going to be one spoiled baby.

Worst part of the first trimester: Tiredness. It hit me like a ton of bricks where my life became a continuous loop of sleep, work, sleep.

Cravings so far: First trimester it was bagels, sandwiches on big fluffy bread, and mozzarella sticks. I don’t really consider chocolate a new craving because I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner before pregnancy too. Second trimester so far has been pretty mellow. I did find a new love for California rolls though!

Sam and I are so excited for our little nugget to make their debut, but we have so much stuff to do before then it is a little overwhelming. Sam and I couldn’t find a crib that we loved that wasn’t outrageously expensive…so we made our own! (Sam did most of the work.) I will share our progress on that DIY project in the next post. Preview picture below!


PS. Did you see that Jessa and Ben Seewald from 18 kids and counting are pregnant also? Due November 1st. Sam and I like to joke that we beat them to the punch. Not sure if that is a good thing though ha!


Happy Friday!

Cyber Monday

I think this day is even better than Black Friday. Pajamas? Check. Hot Chocolate? Check. Time for shopping.

Kate Spade – 30% Code: OHWOW
Nordstrom – 40%
Shopbop – 25%
Revolve Clothing – up to 85% off Code: CyberMonday20
Piperlime – 30-40%
Bloomingdales – up to 60% off
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Untitled #4

My official Christmas wish list! Some of these definitely fall into the “want” vs “need” category but I put them on there anyway. That’s why it’s called a “Wish” list. 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

1. Christian Louboutin patent leather pumps

2. Tory Burch shoulder bag

4. Nikon Camera

6. Keurig brewing system

7. Restoration Hardware bath towel

8. Restoration Hardware sheets 

9. Crock-Pot 6.5 ltr Brushed Stainless Steel Slow Cooker SCV655

Black Friday 2014

Here is the Black Friday roundup of all my favorite sales going on online right now! I’m a homebody on Black Friday and prefer to shop online, below are the sites I am browsing today!

Tory Burch – Spend $300, receive 20% off; spend $500, receive 25% off; spend $750 receive 30% off with code LUCKY

J Crew – 30% off full-priced styles & extra 40% off sale with code HOLIDAY, free shipping

Piperlime – 25% off with code IHEARTNYC, free shipping

Old Navy – Up to 50% off everything, get an extra 15% off with code GRAVY

Ann Taylor – 50% off your entire purchase with code THANKS

ASOS – 30% off everything with code TGIBF

Happy Shopping everyone!!