Juice Beauty

Switching over my makeup and skincare line has been a slow and tedious process. It is very tempting to pick up random makeup at the grocery store. I’ve lost my love for makeup after kids. I want to look good for my husband but honestly if I wear makeup 1 out of 7 days it’s a good week. I need something easy that does double duty.

I came across juice beauty and it checked all my natural, toxin free boxes (rated 1 on EWG). I didn’t have high hopes but I am seriously in love. Their serum is amazing, moisturizer smells great and I can feel it working. I also bought the under eye anti aging cream because I need a little help in that area. I have terrible sunken black eyes that need some love. I will update later when I have been using it for a few months. I also purchased their anti aging serum foundation. It has just a small tint like a CC cream. Perfect for my life where I want to even out my skin tone but not look done-up.

Their prices are middle of the road where I feel it is worrh it but in no way is it cheap. Would I love to find a drugstore brand with the same commitment to clean products? Yes! But it does not existing yet in the anti aging marketplace. I am committed to buying brands that are bettering us and the environment and not just pushing cheap easy (carcinogenic!) options to make money.



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