Natural Deordorant

second change!

so I did a lot of research on conventional deordorant/anti-perspirants and it has no lie, scared the shit out of me. I think this should definitely be my next change on my course to a more natural life.

The only natural deprdorant that is sold in stores around me and is rated a 1 on the EWG scale is Schmidts. So… I’m not going to order deordorant off the internet, I just know myself and if I can’t get it in stores then I won’t keep up the change.

Also, I don’t see myself using the deordorant creams that you have to put on yourself. I’m a stick deordorant girl all the way.

Luckily, I do really like Schmidts scents and look and feel of their deordorant so hopefully this change will go smoothly!

The coconut oil lotion is not going as well as I hoped. It’s not moisturizing enough. When I am pregnant, my skin gets so dry I can hardly function. I literally wake up during the night and scratch myself raw. The coconut oil is light and nice but I need something more heavy duty. I will have to keep looking for a natural lotion that fits what I need.

I do like the coconut oil still for my face, hair, and for shaving my legs. So at least I am getting use out of it!

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