Jolly Jumper Review

Grace is getting to the age where she wants to MOVE! But…she can’t really figure out how to coordinate her hands and feet to actually crawl anywhere yet. So, Sam and I invested in a jumper and she absolutely loves it.

As you probably already know, we research the crap out of everything before we buy it and I always am honest about the pros  and cons of everything we buy (because nothing is perfect and if someone says it is then they are not the mommas you should be taking advice from).

My biggest peeve of the baby industry is that baby items are ugly. I’ve always wanted my home when you walk inside it to say “we have a family” not “wow, these people definitely have kids!” I understand that our home and decorations will change as we have children but I still believe that baby items and adult items can live in harmony together, we don’t have to sacrifice our style when we have children. I just don’t understand why the baby industry has to make everything so loud, obnoxious, plasticy and cheap…that may be a little harsh but you get what I meanahh so bright! my eyes!


We finally found the Jolly jumper which was surprisingly muted but still provided the fun!


Good color options – I got Grey 🙂

Easy set up – took Sam and I about 5 minutes

Doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb so I can leave it out all the time in our living room.

No toys attached to it. I personally feel this is a pro because I can attached toys I like to the frame and bouncer. I can change out the toys so she doesn’t get bored (and pick what sounds I hear all day instead of having attached toys that get really old really fast.)

The jumper can grow with Grace. She will be able to fit in it for a long time no matter how tall she gets. Some of the other jumpers only have a few setting for height and tall babies (and sometimes normal babies with longer legs) can grow out of them pretty fast.

You can remove the bouncer from the stand and “carry” baby around while they “walk”. it actually a lot of fun!

You can also get a doorway jumper instead of buying the stand we just didn’t have the correct doorways for it to attach on to.

And the last big PRO is that Grace loves it. She can be in it for 45-1 hour and only wants to get out because she is hungry.


Kind of expensive. Not out of the ballpark expensive but you can’t go to target and buy it for 40 bucks that is for sure.

Huge! I mean the reviews online said it was huge but I still couldn’t understand how huge until it arrived. If you don’t have a 4×4 place to put it that is out of the way of foot traffic it will be a pain to move.

A little difficult to get Grace in and out of. I’ve got it down pat now and can get her in in about 15 seconds but the first few times I struggled. You can’t just plop the baby in the seat like you can in some of those other baby jumpers.

Difficult to take apart. Only get this if you want it out all the time. Taking it out and putting it away every time would be a huge hassle.

image2image2 (1)

image1 (2)image1 (1)


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