Gift Giving

Shopping for for anyone can be a challenge during the holidays. You want to get something that person will enjoy and actually use! I love decorations and knick-knacks as much as the next person but these gifts will be used year after year and you won’t worry they will be left in the back of the closet.

1. Classic watch – this MARC JACOBS Watch is something I could wear every day and never get bored. It’s classic and not overpowering but beautiful. Try to choose a watch in a neutral color made with nice material. It will never go out of style.

2. This  Anthropologie Ring is beautiful but small enough to wear every day.

3. I always appreciate something sparkly for the holidays, these Kate spade earrings can be work dressed up or down and worn on a daily basis if you want sparkle in your life every day.

4. Never underestimate a good pair of leather gloves. I love these Mulberry gloves because of the buttery leather and the beautiful tree embossed in them gives them a unique edge.
5. Classic, well-made and never go out of style. I’d be ecstatic to add a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses to my sunglasses collection. The slightly winged look adds a little femininity to the classic Ray ban glasses.
6. Fitbit – I have been fighting with myself whether to buy a Fitbit or not. They do so many things now that it is so easy to keep track of your fitness goals. If you have any fitness queens on your gift list, this is for them!
7. I love changing my phone case for the seasons. This green and sparkly phone case is perfect for the holiday season!
8. My makeup bag goes everywhere with me in my purse so it makes sense that woman want them to look pretty! This Tory Burch make up bag is a perfect size for travel and at home and it doesn’t hurt that it’s also adorable.
9. Do you have any cooking ladies on your list year? I saw these Copper measuring cups at anthropologie and I loved them. Copper looks so unique and fresh in a kitchen, even if you don’t cook they add a cool edge as decoration.
10. What lady doesn’t want a monogrammed mug to sit by the fireplace and sip coffee? Now I just need a fireplace…I found this Stoneware mug at anthropologie but there are so many alternatives for every type of girl.
11. This is the most practical gift on the list and the most important. Yes sometimes it is important to get off your phone but you also need to have your phone charged in case of emergency. This little Portable External charger is so small but can charge a cell phone about 3 times. It’s cute and tiny and I promise you won’t notice the extra weight in your bag.
12. Have any type A friends on your list? They will love this Kate Spade Agenda, it’s adorable and small enough to fit in a purse. I am already using it to get organized and write down important dates!
Hope you found a gift for that special girl!
Happy Holidays!!

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