Winter Necessities

Winter is officially here in Chicago. We skipped right over Fall and crashed hard into the freezing weather this week. I decided to put together a list of my winter necessities to brave the snowy days ahead.Investing in a down black jacket is the best purchase I’ve made. I love Barbour for their warm, stylish jackets and perfect fit boots that have a country chic edge to them.

Layering is my best friend in the winter. I have 3 of the old navy turtlenecks in all different colors. They are stretchy and the perfect thickness to layer under sweaters.

I own the brown leather madewell bag and it has been my best purchase yet. It’s basic but brings any outfit together perfectly.

Last but not least, don’t forget a fun hat to keep your ears and head warm!

Sam and I finally finished our wedding thank you notes. We are so grateful for all of he gifts we received, the hardest part was trying to convey that to each person. After writing 100+ notes, making each one personal is a challenge. We believe they are a necessity after recieveing any gift, a handwritten note is the best way to show your thankfulness.

I hope everyone is staying warm!

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